Huarte by Santos Bregagna

Pampelune, Spain

Santos Bregana, is the architect and designer of many premier restaurants, including Noma and Per Se, for whom he created interiors that oscillate between a minimalism, almost monastic, and a fantasy fantasy. For him, interior architecture must be able to juxtapose imagination and functionality while telling a story. His work is also strongly influenced by nature and its geometric forms. His latest project, Restaurante Huarte, sums up this philosophy perfectly.

Located in the art museum of the University of Navarre, in a building designed by the winner of the Pritzker Prize, Rafael Moneo, the restaurant takes its name from the patron Maria Josefa Huarte, who bequeathed to the museum an extraordinary collection of works by Picasso and Kandinsky among others.


The decoration of the place, articulated around the theme of the sea, conceals many stories - as Santos Bregagna likes to say, behind the official history always hides a secret. Thus the decoration plays with the idea of bringing the sea to Pamplona through an underwater grotto with polished black stone floor, a wall painted with a stormy skyline and undulating contours of the ceiling on which are suspended fixtures reminiscent of stalactites.

We aspire to have the restaurant patrons perceive a sense of harmony around them - things have meaning here, even if it can't be described with words.
- Santos Bregagna

The decoration also has a very functional appearance. Thus, the Huarte restaurant contains a range of furniture from the USM Haller furniture system. Embodying the timelessness of the brand, the vast buffet, which incorporates two removable services, welcomes cutlery, table linen and glasses, while elegantly separating the dining room from the waiting area, more informal.

For me, USM is a gold standard that always yields positive results. There's something in its construction and in its finish that clients are enamored with.
- Santos Bregagna

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