A mix of styles

Paris, France

Located in the Paris, this large Napoleonic house has undergone a complete renovation orchestrated by the owners, in love with beautiful objects and design furniture. A successful challenge, resulting in a tasty mix of styles and colours.

The whole interior strongly reflects the owners taste for the great designers of the 20th century. Aesthetic and ultra-functional USM furniture forms a link between each space.

From the entrance, the green USM Haller console welcome visitors with the most beautiful effect and providing pratical storage.

The living room plays with all the trends in a beautiful balance of styles. Around the wooden fireplace designed by the owner, mingle family objects, works of art and vintage furniture. The coffee table, the two-tone storage cabinet and the USM Haller E bookcase welcome the family's favourite items and have naturally found their place in this carefully designed space.

Ultra-chic, the little USM shelving unit in gentian blue with its writing flap offers a small extra workspace for the whole family while occupying the premises with elegance and discretion.

A beautiful veranda offers a breathtaking view of the garden and hosts a dining room illuminated by the golden yellow USM Haller sideboard.

Children's spaces are not left out: a USM yellow pedestal matches perfectly with a vintage chair and desk set. The youngest son in the family has a white USM storage cabinet and the orange toy box adds a pop of colour.

Photos ©Goodmoods

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