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Whether you’re exploring the possibilities of USM furniture for the first time or you’re looking to add to your existing piece with additional elements or features, our range of brochures will help you to think of creative - and maybe surprising - designs and storage solutions.

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Make it your home

What if professional interior designers are asked to customise USM Haller by using the new online Configurator?

The following images prove how versatile USM Haller is – they are the result of the collaboration between USM and Belle magazine in Australia for the international “Make it Yours” campaign.

Haller E details

The basic construction element of USM Modular Furniture Haller is a chrome-plated brass ball joint. Chromed steel tubes connect to the ball to form a stable framework in which the powder-coated metal panels (available in 14 colours) and internal organizational elements are mounted.

Make it yours

First came yellow, now comes green – once again, the second edition of the USM “Make it yours!” magazine uses a strong colour from the USM Haller range to highlight the impact colour can have on interior design. But there are many other attributes that make USM special, including functionality, form, beauty and quality.

USM Haller accessories

Read more about USM Inos organizing drawer set, angled file trays, CD trays, DVD trays and card-box sets.

Cleaning instructions

The USM Modular Furniture systems are defined by their longevity. That is achieved in part by their versatility but is also the result of careful material selection and the strictest quality standards used in their production.

Spaces #8

A family-owned company, USM is now in the hands of the fourth generation, with Alexander Schärer at the helm as president of the administrative board. He is a member of the Architecture and Design Committee at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York.

USM Spaces

A generation or so ago, people used to ask: do we live to work, or work to live? The implication was that we could either spent our lives hunched in an office chair without enjoying the world around us or work as little as possible, sacrificing income in order to maximise free time and leisure.

Working with USM

The world of USM Modular Furniture is as colourful and varied as an individual’s design preferences. The unique modularity now goes hand in hand with an equally unique range of surfaces: over 55 colours and materials are available for the new USM tabletops.

Modular acoustics

Acoustics is a complex and extremely important issue, especially in the workplace, where new ways of working and open plan spaces are becoming increasingly popular. This brochure aims to answer relevant questions, define key terms and provide examples of acoustically enhanced USM Modular Furniture Haller and USM Privacy Panels that complement architectural design.

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