Where should I keep the Main Admin card and the other accessories?

USM recommends that you, the Power User, keep these items in safe custody, preferably in a safe or something similar.
As this card cannot be replaced, you should choose the safest possible storage location. You and the assigned card holders should keep the Admin cards in a safe place to prevent them from being used by unauthorised persons. Keep any accessories in the Power User kit so that al I of the product parts remain together.

Can Grants be distributed remotely?

Yes, Grants can be sent remotely. The user needs a user account. The Grants are displayed to the user upon receipt.

Can I change the batteries when a locker is closed?

Yes, you can because the batteries are changed an the outside. This does not affect the programming and the lock remains locked if it was closed before the battery change.

Can the lock C be reset to factory settings?

No, but thanks to its smart implementation the USM Haller lock C offers various solutions if your requirements change or a user loses his/her card, etc.

1. If a user loses his/her key card or an employee forgets his/ her smartphone, the Power User can carry out an emergency opening using his/her Admin card or smartphone.

2. You also have the option of deleting Admin cards from a lock and linking new Ad min cards to it, even if an Admin card is misplaced.

3. The Power User can pass an his/her admin rights.

All programmings and saved cards can be deleted, except for the Main Admin card, which remains saved. Ta reset this card, the lock needs to be sent back to the factory. 

Why does USM recommend programming three Admin cards per lock?

In case an Ad min card gets lost or to carry out an emergency opening if the Power User isn't an site. Furthermore, the locks can be divided into different areas of responsibility by allocating different Admin cards.

Can the service tool be kept together with the cards?

Yes, the service tool with its integrated magnet and the RFID cards can be stored together.

Why does my lock C make noises when l'm not even using it?

Lock Cs regularly move their gear unit to keep the mechanical lock components in good working order. During these movements, a locked lock C always remains locked and an open one remains open. lf the lock is operated an a regular basis, i.e. it is opened or locked within 24 hours, these extra movements are no langer necessary.

Can I be logged into the same Power User account on several smartphones and carry out firmware updates simultaneously?

Yes, you can.

Why was the firmware update aborted?

When carrying out an update, make sure that your smartphone is always within 2 metres of the lock and that it doesn't go into sleep state.

Which operating systems are supported?

The USM app supports the following operating sys­tems: iPhone iOS 13 and above or Android 7 and above.

How can I reload processes in the USM app?

Swipe your thumb from top to bottom of the screen. This reactivates the connectivity and can therefore speed up processes.