Lock C for USM Haller

This compact brochure contains the most important information about USM Haller lock C and some examples of how it is used.

USM Haller lock C Manual

With the new electromechanical lock C and the specially developed USM app, storage space and lock management take on a whole new dimension. In this comprehensive instruction manual you’ll find out everything you need to know about starting-up, using, managing and maintaining your lock C.

USM Haller lock C start up

A lock C needs to be put into service before it can be used. This video shows you the simple start-up steps. Take your time to follow these steps carefully.

USM lock C – the app for USM Haller lock C

This video answers the FAQs about using the USM Haller Lock C via app.

USM Haller lock C battery change

This video shows you how to change the batteries. They can easily be replaced from the outside in just a few steps. At the same time, the lock C remains locked and the contents securely stored.

Cleaning instructions

The USM Modular Furniture systems are defined by their longevity. That is achieved in part by their versatility but is also the result of careful material selection and the strictest quality standards used in their production.

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