USM Kitos M and USM Kitos Meeting

The USM Kitos family has been extended with two new products, USM Kitos M and USM Kitos Meeting. USM offers solutions to the challenges we face at work today: keeping staff healthy, changing work situations and energy efficiency. Kitos M is the first purely mechanically adjustable-height desk. Using a tension spring (which outlast conventional gas pressure springs many times over), the USM Kitos M is easily and quickly height-adjustable, with no excessive force required, which means anyone using it can set it to whatever height they may need.

Research shows today's workers spend an average of 50% of their time in meetings. This is too much not to be used profitably. In particular, meeting spaces and their technology should adapt to the needs of those involved in meetings, so they can communicate effectively. Its symmetrical design makes USM Kitos Meeting a valuable communication tool and work table, multipurpose and accessible all round. With a few simple steps, meetings can be held spontaneously standing up, for short meetings, for example. Today's technology integrates well, that goes without saying: optional flaps on both sides that can be opened both inwards and outwards ensure network and power cables can be plugged in quickly and are powered properly.

With these new products, USM focusses on what staff need, offering solutions to the questions raised by the alternative world of work of the future.