Be Your Own Designer and Make It Yours! USM Launches New Online Configurator

Take something that you like and turn it into something that you love: With the new Online Configurator, you can design your sideboard, your shelving unit, your own furniture from USM yourself – it’s user-friendly, easy and quick.

In a design world saturated with fashion and trend, the ability to determine your own style is the ultimate goal for many. As a result, customised solutions that are as straightforward and user-friendly as possible are in high demand. The new USM Online Configurator meets this requirement to a T: With just a few clicks you can let your talent for design unfold and create your own USM Haller furniture yourself. First, you determine the structure and size; then you simply assemble doors and pull-out drawers however you desire. At the end, you can give the object whatever colour you like – that’s it.

As a customer in Switzerland and Germany, you can order your individually configured piece of furniture directly in the USM Online Shop and have it delivered by an authorised retailer. In the other countries, customers can get in touch with a sales partner via a contact form and so order their desired furniture. Throughout the world, customers benefit from the expert advice of the USM network.

According to “Emarketer” the share of shopping completed online in the western world will increase from 20 to 40% of total consumption by 2018. At the same time, customers will become more demanding and will no longer simply want to choose, but also play a role in the design process. The intuitive USM Online Configurator fulfills this desire by offering a simple and fun introduction to the world of USM. 

An additional advantage: Designers and interior decorators can integrate the furniture configured online in their planning tools as designs can be downloaded in a variety of CAD compatible files – DWG; DWG2D; SKP; FBX and 3DS. The USM material finish files are also available through the configurator. The USM Online Configurator was developed by USM in conjunction with the renowned American company “Eastern Graphics,” which has previously developed the popular pCon.planner interior design software.

The configurator can be found at