Newsletter Terms

If you subscribe to the e-mail newsletter and consent to the data processing, we will process your e-mail address, your first and last name, your personal interests and certain
behavioural data for sending the e-mail newsletter and for further advertising purposes. For example, we use tracking tools to track how you interact with the e-mail newsletter and other promotional
activities, such as whether you read e-mails and click on links contained in them. We also process your personal data to create an individual customer profile and to offer you tailored advertising on
USM products and USM services. In addition, we carry out address matching together with advertising partners. In this process, a list of e-mail newsletter subscribers is transmitted in encrypted form in
the form of so-called hash values to advertising partners such as Facebook (Facebook Custom Audience, including Instagram), Google (Google Customer Match) and LinkedIn (Contact Targeting). The advertising partners in turn have hash values of contact data of their registered users. If a hash value matches, the respective user may be shown USM advertising on the platform of the advertising partner. The hash values are not
reversible. This means that the advertising partners cannot draw any conclusions about the clear data (name and e-mail address). In no case do the advertising partners receive information about USM
customers who are not registered on the respective platform. For more information on advertising via Facebook Custom Audience, Google Customer Match and LinkedIn Contact Targeting, please visit:

Facebook Custom Audience,
Google Customer Match
LinkedIn Contact Targeting.

You can unsubscribe from the e-mail newsletter and withdraw your consent to the data processing for the advertisings described above at any time and free of charge by using the unsubscribe link in the e-mail newsletter or by sending an
e-mail to [email protected]. The withdrawal of consent will result in the deletion of the above-mentioned data for such advertisings. However, it could be that you will still see USM advertisings on social media platforms or other websites even after withdrawal of your consent, for example due to corresponding cookies and tracking settings on your end device. In addition, we also carry out marketing measures without relying on personal data.

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