Wolf Project x USM

Geneva, Switzerland

Wolf Project, a Swiss brand specialising in natural skincare for men, has found its “plant based” and eco-responsible match in USM.

Creativity, flexibility, and Swissness: three adjectives that perfectly characterise both USM and Wolf Project, a Swiss start-up in natural skincare for men.

Wolf Project offers innovative, cutting-edge skin care for men, aimed at transforming the way men care for their skin by helping them transition to more advanced, natural skin care rituals.

For its launch in Switzerland the founder of Wolf Project, Francesco Urso, wanted to create a one-of-a-kind in-store product display inspired by design as well as nature.

A “world of plants” came to life. Not only does the modular system USM Haller allow the setting to adapt to any sales area, the world of plants elements for USM Haller perfectly showcase the common values the two brands share: design, elegance, quality and respect for nature and the environment.

Learn more about the world of plants for USM Haller here.