ZAZA flower boutique

Hiroshima, Japon

Located in a basement space in Hiroshima's Nakamichi district in Naka, the boutique does not sell one flower at a time, but creates bouquets which she exhibits like works of art in a gallery. This is where the choice of furniture used to present the achievements makes sense. USM Haller was chosen because of its functionality and its ability to highlight the floral displays.

USM Haller's slender frames make it easy to display the floral arrangements, even giving an unobstructed view inside the shop. Panels can be freely positioned to hide tools and other accessories out of sight but still at an easy-to-reach height. Heavy glass vases filled with water and ceramic pots filled with soil need furniture capable of supporting a considerable weight.

Despite the thinness of USM Haller's frames, they are up to the challenge. They're also adaptable: ​​when a department store asked ZAZA to design a pop-up store, the flower boutique created a display with its existing USM Haller furniture that it reconfigured to fit the available space.

"Despite the thinness of USM Haller's frames, they are up to the challenge."

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