Rodin Museum in Paris

At the crossroads of culture and romance, the Rodin Museum is emblematic of the soul of Paris. 

At the beginning of the 20th century, Rodin rented Hotel Biron to present his works and receive his many visitors. A year before his death in 1917, he made three donations to the State of all his works in exchange for the creation of a museum in his name. By the time the war was over, Hotel Biron became the set for the Rodin Museum. In 1919, Rodin, who was situated in front of the Pantheon, took his place in the park where many other mythical sculptures joined him like the Monument to Balzac, The Gate of Hell or the Monument of the Burghers of Calais.

The Rodin Museum receives more than 700,000 visitors a year, seventy per cent of whom are foreigners. The Parisians particularly like strolling in the park of three hectares, among the gardens and the rose garden where large sculptures emerge. 

The museum has been equipped with USM furniture during major beautification work that began in 2005. From administrative offices to consultation rooms and open spaces to the public. The timeless design of the USM furnishing systems has been integrated with the spirit of these places, as an echo of the immutable beauty of Rodin's works.

Shop, offices and reception areas ... USM furniture displays its sober lines and refined elegance in the different spaces and buildings of the Rodin museum. 

Glass showcases in the shop, worktables and pure white shelves in the old chapel converted into offices, libraries and black tables in the consultation room dedicated to researchers and a black cloakroom in the reception area. The modularity and functionality of the USM layouts allow visitors to closely follow the different evolutions of the museum.

Thanks to its unique modular design, USM Haller makes it possible to meet all the furniture needs of museums in a homogeneous way: reception desks, shop, exhibition, office, meeting room and library furniture.

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