Louvre-Lens Museum in France

The Louvre is without a doubt the most famous museum in the world, making it an important challenge to get the Louvre-Lens right. The Louvre-Lens exhibits pieces from the Louvre's permanent collection, opening its doors in a former mining area in the north of France in 2012, now a World Heritage Site, UNESCO.

The Louvre-Lens Museum has developed a collection of quality and diverse pieces which attracted millions of visitors since its opening.

Designed by the Japanese studio Sanaa, which describes the aesthetic as "simple but not severe", won the Équerre d'Argent, a prestigious award for French architecture.

USM could describe itself using these terms and it is undoubtedly this beautiful convergence of spirit that has earned it to be used in the museum's shop and restaurant.

"USM's furniture matched our shop specifications in terms of fluidity, lightness, modularity, and glass and steel are reminiscent of the building's structure."
- Catherine Ferrar, General Manager, Louvre-Lens

In the shop

USM Haller furniture is custom-made to meet specific requirements with precision.

Large open shelving compartments contain items for sale. While drawers and lockable cabinets contain and display more valuable items.

Modularity is a major asset in this space where everything changes from one season to another: to new products, new furniture configuration.

In the restaurant

Chef Marc Meurin's L'Atelier restaurant is also equipped with USM Haller furniture. The chef was looking for a multi-purpose piece of furniture and from his exchanges with USM a unique piece of furniture was created, accessible from all four sides, extremely practical for the service.

Visually, its well-presented structure and bold yellow colour displays an aesthetic that personalises the space. It is the ideal combination of form and function, drawing attention without compromising the restaurant's peaceful atmosphere.

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