Triboques Library

Brumath, France

The Triboques Library in Brumath, asserts itself with a very contemporary style that stands out from the traditional local architecture.

Realised by the architectural firm Rey de Crecy, two identical buildings display their modernism in front of an 18th century castle. One houses the library, the other a cafe and a multicultural space.

This cultural centre, designed as a relaxing meeting place, covers an area of 1200 m2. The combination of wood and large glass surfaces brings warmth and light.

The reception area, the youth section and exhibition and conference rooms occupy the ground floor featuring purpose built USM Haller furniture. A multifunctional space equipped with large USM Haller tables allows users to work in a peaceful setting.

The first floor is served by a sculptural staircase visible from the outside by a glass facade, leading to the adult and teen sections, along with the periodical lounge and the main library area.

The director Sarah Laurey-Dettling and architect Rey de Crecy, wanted furniture easily reconfigurable and flexible, with a neutral and timeless visual identity, to slice with the wooden elements very present in the interior architecture.

USM Haller furniture in light grey is used throughout in a multitude of configurations: shelving, periodical furniture, book bins, CD and DVD storage and coffee tables.

Double-sided shelving is also used to mount unique signage labelling the book categories, which are found on the ends of the spans.

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