Hotel Villa Clementina

Navarre, Basque Country

Villa Clementina is a luxury hotel nestled in the heart of the Navarre countryside in northern Spain. It is housed in a 19th century building typical of European capitals of the time, which has remained closed for several decades. The architect Fernando Oiza gave him new life by focusing on the conservation and restoration of original pieces while incorporating contemporary furniture with iconic and timeless design.

A hidden beauty in the Basque Country

Villa Clementina is located in the pre-Pyrenees of Navarre, just 30 km from Pamplona. This region offers a wide variety of landscapes and a rich cultural and historical heritage.

The 19th century spirit of the original building has been preserved while the interior is punctuated with contemporary decor elements.
Fernando Oiza's goal: to create a sumptuous, nine-room establishment offering guests all the charm of the former partner with modern comfort.

I always had a feeling that USM was going to perfectly encapsulate what i was looking for - balance through opposition.
- Fernando Oiza

"The USM Haller furniture exudes serenity that contrasts beautifully with the ubiquitous decor ornaments. This building has always symbolized refinement, for me, and if I had to choose a word to qualify the furniture USM, it would be this one: refinement. Says Fernando Oiza.

Believing that the timelessness of the USM furniture is in keeping with the spirit of the Villa, he has disseminated it everywhere: a bookcase, a wardrobe in one of the lounges, a shelf in the dining room, storage space in the room.

The precision and exactitude of each and every detail, the handles, their relationship to the floor... everything about them made me think they'd fit in very well within Villa Clementina.
- Fernando Oiza

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