Ingo Holland Cooking School

Klingenberg, Germany

Ingo Holland, a renowned Bavarian chef who has become a designer of spice blends, has equipped his cooking school with unique furniture.

Although he has ended his career as a chef, Ingo Holland continues to bring his personal touch to the culinary art through his love of spices and mixtures he concocts. With his son Kilian, he owns a factory in Klingenberg, Germany, which produces more than 120 tons of these valuable condiments every year.

Taste and quality are his top priorities and these two criteria have also guided him in the development of his 4,000 square meters premises hosting a cooking school, a library and spaces dedicated to various events. "We looked at every inch of the place," he says.

At the heart of the installation is a custom USM configuration, designed to accommodate countless herbs.

The contractor had solid oak tables, blown glass shades from the south of France, and many other items designed to accentuate the sense of space. He also chose to integrate steel furniture to establish continuity.

The USM Haller system goes with everything.
- Ingo Holland

He who thinks in the long run appreciates the adaptability of the system: "If I decided to rethink everything, I would not have to change the furniture. It would be enough for me to add elements and to review the dimensions of existing furniture."


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