Ecole Duperre School of Applied Arts

Paris, France

The Duperre School was founded in 1864 to train girls in sewing and artistic professions. One hundred and fifty years later, the School of Applied Arts is one of the most renowned for the training of designers in fashion and textiles, space and graphics. Its premises in the center of Paris welcome five hundred students in its various sectors. In recent years, the establishment has taken the turn of design for its equipment, wanting to emphasize its dimension of art school.

USM was chosen for its simplicity, lightness and modularity. The fashion workshop was the first to dress USM then it was the computer room the following year, then the sewing workshop and the office of the Headmaster. Each according to a very specific specifications. Because fabrics do not fit like reels of thread, computer screens are not used as sewing machines.

"Listening to USM, its understanding of our needs and the relevance of its proposals has been decisive for the success of each workshop" - Ms. Touil-Dubois, Institutional Manager

The storage furniture is also regularly transformed into exhibition material during student work presentations. The neutrality of the furniture is then an additional asset to not steal the show from the exhibits. This is also why white has been preferred to any other color. 

Fully playing the USM card, the school gradually harmonises its aesthetics to create a Duperre image. An image that never competes with students' creativity but serves and highlights it. 

A specially designed holder by USM allows to present the clothes made by the students of the fashion workshop.

The workshop is equipped with storage furniture and a sewing table created especially for this room.

In the computer room, each piece of furniture was sized according to the size of the screens and was equipped with a tablet to receive a computer keyboard.

In the sewing room, the robustness of the USM furniture proves itself every day thanks to the folding doors on which the sewing machines rest.

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