Protective screens

Top priority has been given to hygiene and protection measures to protect both employees and customers during contact with one another. Precautions such as a physical barrier help to prevent the transmission of bacteria and viruses through coughing, sneezing, talking or other similar modes of spread.

The modular system is ideal for extending existing temporary or permanent counters and reception areas with hygiene protection solutions. The following three solutions show how your existing furniture can be easily retrofitted to provide optimum protection in reception areas.

Solution 1: glass panels

Here glass panels are used as a hygiene accessory and mounted on the existing reception desk, if an access slot is necessary, it can easily be integrated here. In the future the glass panels can easily be reconfigured to create a glass display cabinet or add a glass shelf onto a bookcase.

Solution 2: slotted tubes

Slotted tubes are mounted on the existing reception desk and the perspex screen are simply inserted into the tube slots. This solution creates an access slot along the exiting reception desk and provides and unobstructed protective screen.

Solution 3: bookends

Bookends can also serve as protective screen supports and placed in different locations to suit your requirements, offering an entirely flexible solution. For example, the perspex screen can be clamped between two USM magnetic bookends. Or you can use two slotted bookends as a base for the perspex screen. This is an ideal solution if a gap at the bottom is required for passing things through.

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