How to create an outstanding reception area

Make your first impressions really count.

For many businesses, a reception area is the first thing that prospective customers, clients and business partners will see of your company. This means that the reception area presents an opportunity: to shape how these people see your company, putting your best foot forward with an environment that represents your company’s brand, style and ethos.

Reception desks

The reception desk has to fulfil a number of functions: workstation, point of contact for members of staff, and scene-setter for new visitors. The USM Haller system lets you build a reception desk that performs each of these functions for your business flawlessly. Design a completely unique piece with built-in storage or display features, absolutely tailored to the environment of your reception area.

Colour is one important factor: choose from the 14 classic USM colours to set the tone for the area. Cool grey is ideal for traditional corporate spaces; minimalist pure white suits fresh, clean settings; bolder yellows, reds and oranges give a more playful introduction.

Shape and structure are also important - and completely customisable. Opt for a rigid, closed front for a more traditional set-up, or open the piece up a little with front-facing display modules for magazines, pieces of art, or your company’s own products. For even more playful and welcoming designs, let your imagination run wild: incorporate more open shelves, glass display pieces, or a mixture of different colours.

Additional reception area furnishings

Bring a stylistic unity to the area with a full suite of furniture built on the same principles of elegant simplicity as your reception desk. The USM Kitos collection includes a hugely versatile range of surfaces from which you can build bespoke coffee tables and magazine display stands with a beautiful colour-and-chrome finish, mirroring that of the reception desk.

You can also use the USM Haller system to design additional storage and display pieces for the area: freestanding pedestals for documents and stationery; display cases for awards, art and your products; shelving for reading material or any other kind of piece to meet the specific requirements of your business.

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