The suite life of an executive

Whether you want it to or not, your executive office’s decor will form a permanent impression for every person who walks through its doorTake control of that impression with luxury customisable furniture that shines with your business’s values.

In other words, every decision you make in the design of your office contributes to the ways in which it will affect visitors, customers, clients and staff. Make the most of the USM modular system’s ability to adapt itself to your requirements, putting you completely in charge of the impressions you make.

Open or closed?

The first decision to make regards the openness of the office. Achieve an open feel with clean, bright colours, finishes with a softer appearance such as etched glass, and a minimalist provision of furniture featuring plenty of space and sleek lines. The effect is inviting and collaborative, with the immediate impact that colleagues and visitors will view your office as a space for team thinking and enterprising problem-solving. Colleagues and collaborators will be more inclined to view you, as well as the company you represent, as forward-thinking and receptive to new ideas.

More traditional executive offices continue to have value too. Muted or darker colours, heavier finishes such as wood and granite, and a more classic approach to office structure (a large executive desk, less open space) all contribute to the more conventional hierarchical atmosphere associated with a traditional business. Executive suites built on these principles evoke the traditional values that inspired this design approach in the first place; trustworthiness, respectability and reliability.

The value of adaptability

Executive offices anywhere on the continuum from traditional to contemporary will benefit from opening up to the possibilities of dynamic adaptation. With USM furniture, you can alter the environment of your office in line with changing needs, redecoration or even changes in fashion without having to replace your furniture.

The first layer of this adaptability is day-to-day ergonomic alteration. Choose a USM Kitos desk and make the most of elegant and reliable height-adjustment features, allowing you to stand at your desk, raise or lower the desk for meetings and presentations, or accommodate visitors with accessibility requirement.

A second layer of adaptability comes from the USM modular system’s endless reconfigurability. Sideboards, shelving, and media units built using the USM Haller system are not only tailor-made to your particular requirements when you purchase them; they’re also ready for you to adapt them when those requirements change. Reshape your pieces, add new modules, or increase their functionality with new storage and display features at any point after purchase with the help of our team. However modern or traditional your office, this kind of versatility will bring new level of dynamism to your workplace.

Get in touch with one of our experts in furniture design to discuss how you could use the USM Haller system to take control of your executive office’s style.