Our favourite open plan offices

Open plan offices have been trending for the past 10 years and are now becoming the norm in workplace design. The concept is being adopted by mainstream industries due to higher efficiency in resource allocation and improved social benefits. All of it playing into your employees well-being and productivity.

Achieving an effective open plan design - takes a little bit of thinking and is not a simple matter of removing divisions. Your goal is to achieve a mix of open areas, partitioned sections for impromptu meetings, and focus areas for individuals in order to get the buy in from your employees, and build this deep emotional connection that boost happiness and team spirit.

To strike the right balance will depend on you and we can help to craft a future proof work space that is perfect for your business and supports your new flexible office design. The USM Haller furniture collection brings the capability to accommodate extra capacity for when your company grows, ergonomic sit-stand desking, solutions to the ever-changing IT and cabling needs, and offers components to enable privacy and acoustic control. From fully open halls for completely fluid desk sharing to carefully segmented designs sectioned off by teams.

Create your space, inspire and translate your aspirations. In short: Make it yours.

Design your own bespoke open plan office with the help of our experts in furniture design - get in touch to find out how.