Create a co-working space

Shared workspace is now a common place, many companies are using this phenomenon to set up their staff in co-working spaces. It also allows contractors and freelancers not to be isolated, and encourages interaction and flexibility of schedules. The benefits are numerous.

In this article we show you how USM furniture can be a first choice solution for a co-working space.

First of all, it is important to propose a modular furniture that will facilitate the organisation of the space. The visual identity and decor of the premises should not be overlooked as it is an important factor when choosing a co-working space. 

Offices should be set up to encourage exchanges. For example, large tables will promote discussions between co-working members. You can also create a modern and flexible workstation with height-adjustable tables.

In order to offer different areas and work environments, you can create room dividers using large USM Haller furniture that can easily be reconfigured and will keep the space bright and airy while providing storage solutions.

Acoustics is a fundamental element to take into account. USM Privacy Panels make it easy to create a small oases of tranquility. Available in five colours, they also give a unique visual identity to the various spaces, making it easier for co-working members to find places.

Relaxation and restoration areas should not be neglected. It is indeed important to offer spaces adapted to individual work but also to provide spaces for everyone to take a break. By opting for versatile tables the cafeteria space can also be used for informal meetings. Our table top finish in Fenix ​​NTM® is particularly suitable for this type of use: find out more.

Looking for solutions to create a coworking space? Our team is at your disposal to advise you and answer all your questions: contact us.