eMERGE in Austria

Founded in 2011, boutique consulting firm eMERGE Invest Consult GmbH took the chance to move into their own space in 2014. Taking up all four floors of detached building in Linz, Austria, the new space offers a rare opportunity: to remake the company’s work environment from scratch, and to remodel the new headquarters to reflect the owners’ deepest ideas about the company’s present and future.

The principle that led the company’s office design decisions - assisted by interior architect Simon Ladner - was simple: providing an environment that would help every employee to perform their role to the the best of their ability. That principle led to a bold step that has proven to be a valuable investment: enlisting the help of each individual in the creation of their own workstation. The ability to craft their own working environment gives each employee the tools they need, as well as comfort and the feeling of being listened to by their employer.

“At the end of the day it’s about creating an environment that helps employees do their job well.”
- Roland Pflügl, eMERGE Invest Consult

There was only one option for desks with this kind of individual customisability: USM Haller desks with a range of optional smart accessories. The workstations are grouped into sets of four desks which can be easily moved around depending on the project to bring team members together and shorten information channels.

Dispersed among the workstations is a series of USM Haller storage pieces. Finished in a bold yellow that sharply contrasts with the desks’ sleek black, the storage units provide a neat division between each desk, giving each worker their own clearly separated space. They also provide all the storage that each worker - and the business as a whole - needs: open shelving between desks to quickly stow away documents frequently in use, end-of-desk drawers for long-term filing and magazine display panels for the latest industry publications. Other USM Haller units - in varied finishes from attention-grabbing orange to subtle greys - outfit the rest of the office.

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