Three creative ideas for designing workstations

Your furniture should be as unique as your business. With USM’s modular furniture ranges, there are countless ways to create unique furniture pieces and configurations for your office to show your brand’s personality. This is nowhere truer than when it comes to designing the workstation areas of your office: an almost endless array of options means that you have the opportunity to create the designs that are just perfect for you.

One great way to craft an environment tailored to your needs is with USM Privacy Panels - a modular and flexible way to create bespoke working areas. Design breakout meeting areas within a room, or segment off particular workstations to enable different work modes in a small space. When your business grows or it becomes important to readapt your environment for any reason, pack them down and start again to remake the whole environment anew.

The thinking space: closed-off workstations

Create an oasis of tranquility in your busy office, allowing for focused individual work without losing touch with the rest of the office. Build USM Privacy Panels around two or three sides of a workstation, or enclose it almost entirely. The panels will cut down on visual distractions and control the flow of noise, allowing each worker to focus and get into the right mindset for their work. You can even design a full creative village of enclosed workstations, tinkering with the design for each to tailor it to a different individual or task - a simple desk for concentrating on writing tasks; a multifunctional desk and specialist tool storage for artistic projects. Visually differentiate each area with its own colour.

The creative zone: collaborative configurations

Design compact, protected networks of workspaces that combine working areas and spaces for collaboration in a single zone. A perfect option for teams that work closely together, this kind of configuration allows individuals to focus on their work one minute and have quickly-arranged collaborative sessions the next. For offices with a number of separate teams, you can differentiate the area and create team identities with a unique colour for each team. Set the zone up quickly - and rearrange it just as quickly to build the perfect workspace for individual projects or sessions.

Team players: grouped workstations

Create a modern and flexible bank of workstations with the height-adjustable USM Kitos collection. Give each individual their own space and a little privacy with USM Privacy Panels attached to the back or sides of each workstation. Choose colours to create whatever office atmosphere you favour: cool anthracite grey for modern minimalism; bold orange for a hint of playfulness.

You can work with our experts to design bespoke workstations and office design solutions - get in touch today.