How to create an agile working environment

A successful business starts with a well-supported team. Supporting your workforce doesn’t simply mean providing assistance when they need it - it also means providing them with an environment in which they can flourish.

Some principles for providing this kind of environment are universal: each individual should have room to work, ample space to store their belongings and easy access to the materials they use over the course of a day. They should have access to their coworkers and the ability to collaborate effectively without the office environment getting in their way.


In the modern world, we’re waking up to new possibilities that allow us to go even further in helping employees to feel supported, productive and happy. Under the practice of agile working, we’re becoming aware of the value of dynamic environments that open up both the workspace and the workday to far greater collaboration and variation than ever before. This has ushered in a new era of open plan offices, hot desking, desk sharing and a wide variety of workspaces, including quiet zones for focus and “third spaces” that are a mixture of work environment and breakout area.

Each business is unique, so are the individuals they employ. There’s no single solution for creating your workplace’s own agile environment. You can create the perfect agile environment for your workplace, whatever that is. With bespoke pieces of USM modular furniture, all you need is a little inspiration.

Co-working benches

The core of most agile working environments is an open plan series of banks of desks. Create an atmosphere of open collaboration by leaving as much space as possible around the desks - but be careful not to sacrifice functionality, especially the storage that workers will need for stationery, files and personal effects. For this purpose, a series of three-meter-long USM Haller desks topped off with multifunctional USM Haller end-of-desk storage units is ideal. Include adaptation points in the desks’ surface for the easy connection of various smart accessories such as lamps, USBs and flat screen support bars. Adapt to evolving needs and projects by reconfiguring the desk banks at any point in the future. A golden yellow finish sets the tone for creativity.

Shared workstations

An alternative to co-working benches, personalised workstations built using the USM Kitos collection create individual spaces without separating team members from one another. The set up is ideal for desk sharing or hot desking, allowing each worker to set the desk’s height to suit their needs. Build in a degree of privacy by attaching USM Privacy Panels to the desk surface.

Collaborative hubs

Traditional meeting rooms still have their place, but looser collaborative hubs allow for creative thinking and fast decision making. For this purpose, a pair of USM Haller tables combine perfectly for a square meeting table; surrounding USM Haller units do double duty as spacious storage and sturdy seating for a gathering of any size. When no meetings are scheduled, the space works perfectly as a tranquil break area. When it’s time for a change, modify the setup.


Design an agile working environment completely tailored to your workplace and business needs with the help our experts in furniture design - get in touch now.