Create shared workstations

Shared workstations are by now a well-established feature of many large offices. The benefits are clear: they encourage collaboration and the free flow of ideas, which in turn boosts creative thinking and speeds up problem solving.

The ideal configuration of shared workstations for your office depends on a number of factors and can require careful thought about the balance between open collaboration and the need for focus and concentration. Find the right balance for your workplace with furniture that breaks up the space, provides noise control and also looks effortlessly stylish.

USM Haller storage and display pieces are perfect for this role - they allow you to make the most of the modular system by letting you structure them in any configuration around workstations to form a stylish divide while also providing workers with the storage they need. 

USM Privacy Panels are similarly adaptable: attach them to the desks themselves for neat segmentation, or make use of sturdy base panels to create tall wall-like divisions.

Talk to one of our experts about how USM furniture could help you build elegant shared workstations in your office.