Customised desk storage

Feeling that you have all the right tools to do your job ready to hand and that you have your own space to focus are important components in feeling like a trusted, supported and productive member of the team. As a result, equipping individual workstations with the right kind of storage for your workforce is a worthwhile investment.

The first task in providing the perfect desk storage for your team and your office is to ascertain just what the needs of your workforce are. Next, you’ll need to think carefully about how best to provide for those in a way that benefits the individuals and team as a whole. You have a number of options: storage built into the desk itself, or located under the desk, at the end of a bank of workstations, or centralised in the form of bookshelves and sideboards - it all depends on the quantity of items.

In-built desk storage

Help your colleagues to feel supported and prepared for the work day with subtle storage built into each workstation. Attach a discreet material tray just beneath the desk’s surface for the careful storage or writing utensils, stationery, personal effects and the particular implements that each individual needs to do their job.

End of desk storage

End of desk storage can perform a number of functions simultaneously. It can provide the perfect personal storage for the desk or bank of desks it sits beside; with the right design it can also have plenty of storage space for other files and objects for the company as a whole. Combine these functions with a USM Haller piece different modules for each purpose: open shelving sections on the bottom and lockable personal drawers on top, for example.

Stylistically, you can choose to either blend the end of desk storage in with the desk’s own aesthetic motifs, or create a contrast between the two. The former can give the office environment a uniform atmosphere; blacks and greys can keep this atmosphere traditional and reserved. The latter approach allows you to inject some personality into the environment with bolder colours - green, red or yellow. You can also make use of differently coloured pieces for different teams or areas of the office, breaking up the space and giving teams a unique visual identity.

Under desk drawers

Give each individual more personal storage space with under-desk storage units. Here again, you have the chance to customise to the needs of each person. For someone with high file-storage needs, provide two deep drawers customised for filing. For others with a lot of tools and cables, provide 3 shorter drawers with internal dividers for maximum organisation. For finish colours, you can again be led by your tastes and business identity - one playful but stylish option is to provide each individual user with their own uniquely coloured storage piece.

You can design unique desk storage for your whole office using the USM Haller system - find out how by getting in touch