Multimedia sideboards

These days, no office is complete without multimedia functionality: the ability to show presentations on a big screen, to keep guests entertained with the news while they wait for an appointment or to let workers watch television or play games whilst they unwind. The demands on the pieces of furniture that house the media players you use for these purpose are diverse, needing to fit in with the particular area’s style, and meeting diverse storage and display requirements. With USM Haller furniture, you can design the perfect piece for every area and room - no matter how different they are from each other.

In breakout areas

Offices are increasingly including designated rooms or areas for workers to unwind, relax and engage in more informal collaborative projects. Set the tone for this kind of area with comfortable, playful and creatively inspiring furnishings. Achieve this not only with beanbags and table tennis, but with a custom-built USM Haller media unit. Build the unit to an exact size specification, housing any size of television. Incorporate additional custom-built compartments for radios, DVD players, games consoles or any other devices.

For a complete relaxation solution, build seating compartments into the unit itself. A pure white finish with accents in other colours is particularly well-suited to this relaxed environment - or bright golden yellow, pure orange or ruby red set a tone of playfulness and creativity.

In the meeting room

The USM Haller is just as at home in the most high-end conference rooms as in playful breakout areas. For a sparse, minimalist environment, design a sideboard on which you can simply place any television and other media devices. For a more complete solution, build a whole-wall storage system with custom-designed cutout sections for your wall-mounted TV.

Elegant graphite black or a range of smooth greys are perfect for the most traditional environments - or add a hint of highlight colour with a rich steel blue or emerald green. White units perfectly complement more open spaces that feature a lot of glass or metal, giving a clean and neutral finish that feels corporate but not stuffy.

In the reception area

Take charge of first impressions and keep your guests’ attention while they wait. Design a bespoke reception area TV unit that represents your company’s personality and brand flawlessly, while also providing all the storage and display space that you need.

Build an interesting and playful atmosphere with a quirky unit - bold colours, a variety of shapes and interesting features such as in-built lighting or extendable shelves. Or set the tone for a traditional high-class atmosphere with an understated piece finished in muted tones. Your guests will be grateful.

Design the perfect TV and media unit for your office using our interactive online configurator - then get in touch with one of our expert furniture designers to make your vision a reality.