Divide your office to multiply creativity

The best office designers in the world now work with one principle in mind above all others: dynamism. Where offices in the past tended to provide a consistent environment for nearly every employee, with each individual being expected to work from the same single workstation, designers have recently begun to support the needs of far more varied environments. Calling for agile and shared work spaces, individual needs and the benefits for efficiency and productivity, they now offer each employee more than one way to work.

A significant part of achieving this vision involves choosing the right furniture. Add a dynamic layer to each worker’s day with furniture that can provide health benefits through ergonomics and adapt to their changing needs, such as height-adjustable desks and easily adaptable storage. Another layer of dynamism comes from carefully designing different areas of the office to serve different functions: breakout meeting areas and quiet focus stations alongside traditional work areas and meeting rooms. A final layer comes from furniture that can itself change as your business’s requirements evolve.

USM furniture allows you to make all of this theory a reality: adaptable to the needs of every user, constantly reconfigurable for a growing business, perfect for creating dynamic office partitions, and ready for change. Build entire “rooms” within an open plan office using double-sided shelving units or USM privacy panels, that influence how people flow throughout the office without impeding line of sight using the USM Haller system.

To design your own pieces using the USM Haller system, try out our online configurator. To finalise designs and order bespoke pieces, get in touch.