Bring nature to work

Issues related to working environments are very current, and at USM, we believe that well-being and quality of life at work should be at the heart of office design.

The awareness of the fragility of our planet sees the development of many projects including nature in urban spaces. This trend is also evident in companies as many studies have shown that the integration of natural elements has a positive effect on well-being, creativity and performance.

In 2014, for example, researchers worked for several months on the effects of plants in the office. The result shows, among other things, that "it is enough to enrich a previously spartan office with plants to increase productivity by 15%", according to Marlon Nieuwenhuis, co-author of the study (Nieuwenhuis, Marlon & Knight, Craig & Postmes , Tom & Haslam, S. (2014) The Relative Benefits of Green Versus Lean Office Space: Three Field Experiments, Journal of Experimental Psychology, Applied 20. 10.1037 / xap0000024.).

Biophilic design is born; it is a discipline that integrates nature into our living and working environments.

In the first place, maximum natural light, wide openings to the outside and the physical presence of plants in the interiors will allow maximum benefit. Secondly, the use of natural materials and the creation of colours and shapes inspired by nature will reinforce this approach.

Directly incorporating plants into furniture, begins to create an inside urban garden. Wood is also making a comeback in the workspaces. Objects inspired by garden furniture even enter the offices: swings, meeting tables transform into ping-pong tables and even hammocks.

USM Haller furniture can be configured to create unique multi-purpose plant pots, allowing greenery to be incorporated into furniture cabinets, cabinets and coffee tables. Plants can also be housed in a large USM configurations including storage, seating and providing space division between a cafeteria and quiet reading corner.

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