Hygiene and protective measures

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, top priority must be given to hygiene and protective measures which are more important than ever. To protect both customers and employees during contact with one another, precautions such as a physical barrier help to prevent the transmission of pathogens, for example viruses.

USM’s modular furniture system Haller is ideal for temporarily or permanently extending existing furniture with hygiene protective solutions.

Here are some quick and simple solutions:

- Protective screens for reception areas
- Sanitizer dispenser

Protective screens

The following three options show how existing USM furniture can be easily retrofitted to provide optimum protection in reception areas and at individual work stations.

Option: Original Structure

Here original USM Haller glass panels are used and mounted vertically on the front of the existing structure. If a pass-through is necessary, it can easily be integrated here.

Option: Slotted Tubes

Slotted tubes are a stylish protective solution, providing an unobstructed view. They are mounted on the existing USM Haller counter, the table (both Haller or Kitos) or even on USM Privacy Panels and the glass or acrylic screen is simply inserted into the tube slots. The solution is ideal for pass-through.

Option: Bookends

USM bookends can also serve as protective screen supports offering an entirely flexible solution. The glass or acrylic screen can be clamped between two USM magnetic bookends. Or use two slotted bookends as a base for the glass or acrylic screen. This is an ideal solution if a gap at the bottom is required for passing things through.

Sanitizer dispenser

USM modular furniture system adapts to your individual needs even in these challenging times, like these disinfectant dispensers.


We are more than happy to help you plan and quickly install the hygiene and protective measures to fit your current needs.

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