Create wellbeing, surround yourself with plants

Plants make people happy. We are huge believers that spaces filled with greenery are the best places to work, live and meet in. People in contemporary society spend 80% to 90% of their time indoors every day. So we need to bring plants inside and surround ourselves with them – because plants can have an amazing impact on our wellbeing minimizing our stress level and increasing the output of productive work at the same time.

Surrounded by nature with an elegant and simple system

As always with USM Modular Furniture, the new accessories for your plants can easily be integrated into existing furniture configurations. The new metal plant panel, horizontally integrates plant pots directly into the furniture system, with pot recesses, in a subtle and discreet manner. The integration of plants into the existing modular furniture system creates an abundance of complementary and novel combination possibilities as well as design options.

Metal grid and plants’ organic forms

With the incorporation of plants into USM Haller, the linear metal grid is contrasted with the plants’ organic forms thus adding warmth to the system. Space becomes inviting and cheerful, open office or coworking spaces can be redesigned to offer privacy, places of retreat allowing for tranquility and regaining energy and the living room becomes an oasis that exudes warmth and security.

Take it up a notch with USM Haller E

In combination with USM Haller E the scope of application for the world of plants gets even bigger and more tempting. Subdued lighting conditions contribute to a quiet retreat to meditate for a moment before the next meeting. Dimming the light and selectively illuminating the green splendour in a public or private space, creates an intimate and warm atmosphere, allowing the viewer to settle down from a hectic everyday life. As a result, the addition of USM Haller E not only offers plants constant lighting conditions according to their needs but opens up unlimited design options for the user.

Easy handling with the watering set for your plants

With the watering set, consisting of a pot insert and water level indicator, the product does not only appeal to plant lovers. The world of plants for USM Haller is for plant enthusiasts and those who want to become one. The irrigation set offers the customer simplicity when it comes to caring for the plants. The system supports you by regulating and extending the pouring cycle.