Play with colour in your home office

Bright colours are a great way to raise your spirits. Playing with colour can bring whole new perspectives, particularly when working from home (whether mandated or by choice).

USM Inos box sets are more than just an elegant way to store those little items that always seem to accumulate. The extended colour palette – yellow, red, green, beige, white, grey and black – offers countless potential combinations and can be used to add particular emphasis.

It’s time to play with colour: differently coloured box sets side by side on white shelving or spread across multiple compartments – bright and vibrant. A compartment with three golden yellow box sets makes you feel as though the sun is shining on your face. The green box set exudes the fresh scent of a spring meadow. Beige and white box sets in a white sideboard create a calm and subtle front view.

There’s no doubting that box sets are extremely practical. Added colour really ramps up the fun factor. And, of course, you can create a stylish environment that makes working from home easy and enjoyable.

The box sets also work wonderfully with the new USM Haller narrow table (just 50 cm deep!) and the new world of plants for USM Haller – both in home offices and the workplace.

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