A colourful Norwegian house

Drammen, Norway

A little and a lot, passionately ... A Norwegian family has daringly used the USM Haller system in a fun and colourful way throughout their house.

The Johansen family occupies a traditional wooden house with attractive ornamental motifs, located near the fjords of Drammen.

The interior design is in perfect harmony with the outdoor landscape: white walls and floors capture maximum light, and in a country where the winter nights, called "mørketid", are very long, the touches of bright colours are welcome. 

A yellow bookcase, a blue toy cabinet, green furniture in the kitchen, white media unit ... to the Johansen family, colour is just as ubiquitous as USM furniture.

"The different colours make the experience of walking between the rooms exciting"says Alexander Johansen. His favourite is the green design in the kitchen. "Combined with the white found in the rest of the interior design scheme, the USM green has such a fabulous effect that we're also considering using if for the planned bathroom on the second floor." Continuity guaranteed.

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