SoLebIch summer apartment

Schlosspark Nymphenburg, Germany

Living connects - that's the idea of SoLebIch founded in 2007, the online living magazine full of pictures from real apartments. At the heart of SoLebIch is the community of people who show their new apartment pictures online every day.

SoLebIch was founded by Nicole Maalouf and Daniel Eichhorn, who were selected by the Architectural Digest among the 200 most important influencers of the design world in 2019. "In 2007 the two Munichers created what should soon become the largest German-speaking residential community strong AD partners, making books, creating spaces and events - and still nurturing and personalising their online family."

The SoLebIch summer apartment, has been created to discover furniture in an exceptional setting, to feel comfortable and meet like-minded people. Contemporary design is combined in the SoLebich summer apartment with classics from renowned furniture brands and displayed in a historic building made of glass and steel, the Iron House in Schlosspark Nymphenburg, Munich.

USM was chosen in orange, green, white, black and glass to feature as a drinks trolley, storage sideboard, planter and display shelving made out of clear glass with Haller E lighting.