Contemporary design combined with classics

Cologne, Germany

During this year's furniture fair IMM in Cologne, USM was presented in the SoLebIch apartment. The SoLebIch apartment offered the opportunity to get to know the facility in a different way. The framework for this was provided by the impressive rooms of the Qvest Design Hotel, in which the products were presented in a homely and emotional way. Contemporary design was combined in the SoLebIch apartment with classics from well-known furniture brands - within the historic building of the former Cologne City Archives.

In everyday life we ​​often yearn for intense moments that promise us happiness, joy, contentment or inspiration. Many of these moments are created with friends or strangers, and some while we are alone. The SoLebIch apartment presents a wide variety of places in the rooms: the living room celebrates the familiarity of good friendships, the hideaway and bedroom are energizing, sensual retreats, and inspiring encounters between travelers take place in the New York hotel lobby.