Furnishing an industrial environment

Achieving an effective industrial aesthetic in your home is not as simple as exposing original wall and flooring features. Rather, it requires care in balancing the subversive glamour of those industrial elements with other features that complement the aesthetic, while also allowing you to create a comfortable place you’ll be happy to call home.

The benefits? A bold, sophisticated and uncluttered style that feels clean and spacious, opening up the area for greater functionality.

How to build the right industrial aesthetic for your own home

A key component of the industrial aesthetic is its rawness: the laying bare of the environment’s unrefined functionality without pretense. If you’re lucky enough to live in the right building, this might include its original metal infrastructure behind the walls and ceilings, or under your feet. In other buildings, it might be the untreated parquet floors that have been covered over for decades, or the old brickwork that’s long been hidden behind wallpaper.

From there, the right design decisions will depend on the materials you uncover: complement rusted metal perfectly with lamps, plant pots and other feature pieces finished in smooth metal finishes, such as copper or chrome. Dark wood floors or ceilings are well matched with pure white or smooth black; contrast the texture of brickwork with smooth furniture, rugs and other accents.

USM furniture is the perfect bridge between even the most raw industrial environments and the chic modern designs you’ve dreamed of. Use the USM Haller system to design completely unique pieces of furniture that are absolutely tailored to the specific industrial aesthetic you want to create. Build a sideboard in matte silver and chrome to give a modern edge to spaces with exposed metal features. Create a white storage piece with plenty of room for all of your books, CDs and vinyl records to cut against deeply textured wooden floors, walls or ceilings. Whatever route you take, you can rest assured that the furniture will support your chosen aesthetic for years to come.

Whether you live in an industrial environment or not, you can design unique pieces of furniture for your own home using USM Haller furnishings. Work on your own designs using our interactive 3D online configurator, or contact one of our experts to place an order or perfect your designs.