The architects' own home

Amongst the hubbub of busy Brooklyn, Ed and Barbara Parker found their perfect home: a beautiful apartment in a nineteenth century building featuring whole walls of windows and original architectural features dating back over a hundred years.

As architects themselves, the couple knew class when they saw it: intact picture-frame mouldings, high ceilings, beautiful wooden flooring and an abundance of natural light from the stunning windows. Even better, they knew how to maximise those features, while minimising less positive factors such as the apartment’s long thin layout.

To make the most of the gift of natural light, and to maximise space in smaller rooms, they opted for a monochrome theme, with pure white walls, floors and ceilings. The bright white also serves to emphasise the rooms’ architectural qualities, providing no distraction to their subtle charm. As for furniture, there was only one option: minimalist, modern USM Haller pieces that contrasted with the environment’s more traditional bones whilst also bringing their own iconic style. The result? Furniture that elegantly complements the space, their steel and chrome finishes playing counterpoint to the open wooden walls and flooring.

The benefits of the pieces are not purely stylistic; they also provide a great deal of hyper-practical storage in the minimalist space. One piece, taking pride of place against an otherwise featureless white wall, is the vinyl media unit, housing the couple’s extensive vinyl collection, turntable and sound system - it also has lockable fold-down storage for drinks, glassware and crockery making it perfect for entertaining friends. Another piece is perfectly proportioned for the family television, and provides ample room for a collection of much loved coffee-table books.

The effect is a clean and open style that, Barbara says, “a lot of people associate... with a country home” - quite a sanctuary indeed. Her husband agrees: “it’s a mini vacation every time I come home”.

You can design the perfect furniture for your own home - whatever its and attractions and limitations - using the USM Haller system. Try out our interactive online configurator to design bespoke pieces, or get in touch to work with one of our experts in furniture design.