Use white furniture to transform your living room

Light, space and air are three things that a lot of us could benefit from having a little more of in our lives, and white living room furniture helps you to create a space in which all three appear in abundance. The result is an atmosphere of easy calm and effortless elegance.

Perfect pieces for low-light rooms

White furnishings can be a particularly powerful tool in spaces where natural light is at a premium, making the most of any available rays by pulling them through the room.

The pieces can best perform this feat when complemented with other white features in the room. This doesn’t have to mean whitewashing the whole space; rather, a few strategically-placed items will often be enough. Radiators, plant pots, or rugs, will often be sufficient; if that’s not enough, a white sofa or feature wall add to the impact. If it’s necessary to paint the whole room white, ensure that the effect isn’t overly sterile by including some contrasting pieces in black, grey, or a brighter colour.

Creating space and airiness

White furniture is not simply a tool for maximising light. You can also use white pieces to create an open, airy style in your living room. By reflecting the maximum of light, white pieces create an impression of extra space as well as creating a clean and timelessly modern atmosphere.


Every piece of white furniture can contribute to this feeling of openness and effortless calm. White USM Haller storage pieces for books, CDs, vinyl, and all of your family’s treasures perform exactly this function. They also form a stylistic counterpoint to their colourful contents. Maximise this effect with larger pieces, such as a wall of shelving that incorporates both open and closed storage, or white TV units. A perfect complement to the cool elegance of white pieces is glass - use closed glass display elements for your most treasured possessions to make the most of this synergy.

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