Everything but the kitchen sink

These days, we spend more time in the kitchen than in any other room except the bedroom. This fact reflects a significant truth: that the kitchen really is the heart of the home.

The kitchen is not simply a place for cooking, but also for dining, socialising, entertaining and catching up on quality time with the family. We’re asking a lot of this one room to do double duty (or more) as a practical food preparation space, a cosy breakfast area, a homely setting for other meals and a stylish space to entertain - not mentioning any of the other little duties we expect the kitchen to perform on a day-to-day basis. From makeshift office, classroom family meeting room and whatever else we need in our busy lives, it’s often the most multi-functional room in the house.

Furniture that can help the kitchen to perform these varied roles is truly invaluable. Whether you’re looking to outfit your entire kitchen with storage and display pieces, work surfaces and a dining table or you need to supplement your existing kitchen suite with additional pieces, the USM Haller system lets you create unique furniture just for you. Built to order to your exact specifications, create pieces that perfectly fits the particular functions you demand of your own kitchen.

Design a completely unique breakfast bar at just the right height for your family, with built in storage for pots, pans and tableware. Create cupboards of any shape to fit the space you have available that mix storage and display features - from drawers for cutlery to glass display panels for your finest crockery and shelving for your beloved cookbooks.

Build free-standing additional storage units of almost any kind you can imagine for your specific needs, from service trolleys on wheels to robust sideboards for the dining area of your kitchen. Every piece is customisable with your choice of colour as well as shape, size and functionality.

The deepest value of modular furnishings are in their ability to be adapted and precisely retailored when your circumstances or environment changes in the future: adapt your furniture when you buy new kitchen appliances, take it with you when you move home, or mix it up when you fancy a change with the help of our team - no builders needed.

Our specially-trained specialists in furniture design can work with you on completely unique kitchen furniture for your home. Get in touch to find out how or to work on your designs. You can also get a feel for the USM Haller system with our interactive online configurator.