Work in style at home

A quality home office environment is an investment that pays for itself many times over. Transform your office area from the most utilitarian and simply practical area of the home into a room where you will want to spend time. You’ll reap the rewards in your boosted productivity, happiness while working and overall wellbeing.

How to design the perfect office for your home

If you have the benefit of starting from scratch, the first thing to consider when it comes to designing your office is its location in the home. A space to retreat from busy home life and focus on the tasks at hand, it should be separated as much as possible from your main living areas. This is particularly important for those who work from home regularly: doing what we can to separate work life from home life can boost productivity and positively benefit your well being.

Taking measures to impact the physical space of the room can also be hugely beneficial. Maximising natural light will benefit productivity as well as your health; if natural light levels can’t be boosted, making sure there is adequate artificial light is also important. When it comes to decoration, colour is a key consideration. Here it’s important to take into account both aesthetic and more practical considerations side-by-side - not only how you’d like the space to look, but how you’d like it to feel. Bright, bold colours can build an energetic and playful environment to aid your creativity; more sedate colours or darker hues can help to create an atmosphere of calm concentration. If you open up your home office to clients, colleagues or customers it’s also essential to take into account how it will make them feel: clean lines and bright colours can foster a collaborative atmosphere, while darker colours and a more closed-off design can evoke traditional values and trust.

Furniture can either match these broader colour schemes or stylishly offset it - when done well, either option can be tasteful and elegant. When selecting or designing individual pieces of furniture, style and functionality should never be traded off against each other. When design is done well, they’re two sides of the same coin; pieces that elegantly and reliably perform their function have their own inimitable style.

USM furnishings are perfectly suited to this purpose: a unique modular system that lets you design completely original pieces that are flawlessly tailored your study, as well as your overall aesthetic preferences and practical requirements. Use it to build a shelving system that’s the perfect size for your books and documents, as well as built-in storage features such as doors and lockable drawers. You can also design unique free-standing storage units, including under-the-desk storage that’s just the right height for your desk or stylish sideboards. USM Haller desks are also completely adaptable to your particular requirements, with your choice of colour and finish and a range of optional smart accessories that can help you to keep the area decluttered, such as cable-tidying features and flat screen support arms. USM products can also help you to ensure that your home office is comfortable and supportive for you: select heights that fit your particular ergonomic requirements.

Our experts are ready and waiting to work with you on the perfect furniture designs for your home office, so get in touch for a free consultation, or play with the USM Haller system’s possibilities yourself with our online configurator.