Design the perfect home office

With the rise of co-working spaces and flexible hours, working at home is becoming more and more common. Give yourself some time to rethink and reorganise your home office by following our practical tips.

Evaluate your needs

Start by taking the time to evaluate your needs and list the equipment you need to work from home. For example, if you have a job in the field of graphics, a large screen, a tablet and a printer will find their place in your space.

To practice your profession you may need to work closing with your partner. In this case, two people must be able to settle in the same space, side by side or face to face, you choose.

If the office is to be used by the whole family, it should be spacious, practical and suitable for both young and old. The good idea is to build a smaller corner by adding a small USM Haller module that will sit next to the desk.

Define its location

Once you have assessed your needs, you will need to determine the location of your office within your home. It should be a place, as far as possible, away from living rooms, where you can isolate yourself from the hustle and bustle of the home and concentrate on your work. But if you do not have a dedicated room, at least choose a place with good natural light, essential to well-being and health. If not, make sure you have proper artificial lighting. 

If you run out of space, why not use a USM Haller dining room table that can serve as a work table during the day, with a mobile pedestal to store all your belongings and that you can make disappear with one turn of hand, the evening came. 

If you have a large living space, a double-sided room divider can add structure to your room and create storage for you work on one side and a home library on the otherside for example. The library facade can integrate USM Haller E lighting, allowing you to master lighting effects to highlight your favourite books, objects and contribute to the ambiance of the room after your day's work is over.

Find your style

In terms of decoration, in addition to lighting, colour is also an essential component. Bright colours can create a dynamic and motivating environment that will keep your creativity awake. You can also repaint a piece of wall in a bright colour that will match your desk. Smoother or darker shades will create a more soothing decor, conducive to concentration.

Think re-arrangement

Finally, think about your storage needs. If your workspace is in the living room, you will find yourself faced with the same problem as an open kitchen in which we wish to hide the unsightly elements. Take advantage of the many possibilities of configuring the USM Haller system to hide in drawers or behind folding and retractable doors all the unsightly objects that you prefer to hide: box internet, printer, scanner ...


As the trend is towards a significant reduction in our paper consumption, have you thought about scanning all your paper documents and thus freeing up valuable storage that can help you organize all the other things you tend to accumulate: magazines, children's drawings, cables, batteries and chargers ... 

In the case of an office used by the whole family so that everyone can have their accessories at hand, dedicate a drawer to each member of the family. And why not everyone his box in a colour dedicated?

When these storage spaces are not enough, you can add Inos boxes that will naturally find their place on your shelves and keep your items safe from dust.

Our experts will be happy to help you design your ideal home office, feel free to contact us. You also have the possibility to test yourself the possibilities offered by the USM Haller system with our online configurator.