The simple elegance of white bedroom furniture

White furniture enhances everything, making it a great colour to invest in. It can be adapted time and again throughout countless redecorations and moves and will brighten up your rooms. How you style it is up to you - from pure white throughout, to accents within a colourful space, or even a fully monochromatic environment - your personal taste can shine through.

All white everything

Do you want to create a serene and tranquil bedroom sanctuary? White can provide the perfect base for an atmosphere that is effortlessly calm, peaceful and soothing. Crisp white linens, cooling textures through white USM Haller furniture, clean white partitions or panels, lightly transparent drapery to play with the light. Your mornings have never look more beautiful.

Larger white furniture pieces are perfect for this kind of aesthetic: they visually break up the space and large shelving units with a mixture of storage and display elements, that have space for different kinds of objects, will introduce a varied style that keeps the environment interesting. The task of introducing texture and colour is best performed by introducing a mix of interesting and varied pieces.

Accenting with colour

Also the purest white atmosphere can benefit from dashes of colour. White furnishings will perfectly accent the sturdy style of a hardwood or granite floor, or allow you to double-down on the impact of colourful statement pieces. A single feature wall painted in your choice of colour - or clad in wood - can also provide an intriguing visual break to create warmth. Finer accents can come from soft furnishings such as rugs or pillows. Even electronic pieces such as lamps or radios can be used for accents.

Colour combinations

White forms a perfect partnership with virtually any colour scheme: set it against boldly coloured walls and it let's your colour choice shine while providing a subtle counterpoint to it. Use smaller pieces , such as bedside tables, single-width wardrobes, or freestanding storage pedestals - and they allow you to break up the space among dominant colour schemes perfectly blending while brightening your space enhancing the overall aesthetics.


A balanced environment with only slightly varying tones of one colour can be tricky to achieve, but the overall effect can be incredibly striking and has a look of unparalleled elegance. USM can help you to make the most of the USM Haller colour sectrum, offering you a range of available tones and hues in addition to its base colours- for example tap into the assortments of greys to add depth and additional dimensions.

Design your own perfect bedroom furniture in white - or any other colour - using our interactive online configurator. To place an order or work with an expert on the designs for your bespoke designer furniture, get in touch now.