A custom wardrobe for your bedroom

Discover the beauty of bedroom storage that’s perfectly tailored to your style and needs.

Use colour combinations to add a new stylistic dimension to your bedroom or match existing decor - or select pieces in pure white or black for elegant minimalism. Make the most of in-built lighting elements to throw your clothing into crisp relief or provide the room with a subtle background glow. You can even use the USM Haller system to build a complete storage system for your walk-in wardrobe.

Take a look at some of our favourite and most creative wardrobe designs, from minimalist freestanding drawer/ clothing rail combinations to elaborate statement pieces with extensive storage room for all of your clothing and all sorts of other treasures and keepsakes.

Try our interactive online configurator to design your own USM Haller wardrobe. If you’re ready to order or to work with one of our specialists on your bespoke designs, get in touch.