Small, mobile and ultra-functional

The small mobile furniture is moving into the living room, kitchen, bedroom, and even in the bathroom!

Modular, ingenious and mobile furniture (sideboards, pedestals, trolleys, etc) a timeless aesthetic perfectly matches all trends.

Do you already have a small piece of USM furniture? Why not equip it with wheels to move it as you please? Flexible and reconfigurable, your furniture can evolve with your needs, creating a house that's always organised and never cluttered.

Be inspired by our mobile USM Haller furniture!

The catering trolley becomes a side table and makes a link between the kitchen and your guests:

Clever idea for the bedroom, a storage pedestal also serves as a bedside table:

USM trolleys allow your children to easily collect their toys and move them from one room to another:

No more mess in the bathroom, every USM storage cabinet is designed to simplify your life!

What about a designer bar trolley with a very retro look?

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