Make room for life

The clue’s in the name: we spend a great deal of our lives in the living room. It’s where we unwind, listen to music, watch television and spend much-needed quality time with loved ones. But that doesn’t mean that we all spend our time in the living room identically - we relax in different ways and all have different requirements when it comes to setting up an environment that can make us feel truly at home.

Use the USM Haller system to build sideboards, media units, or storage and shelving units that are designed for you and your home alone. Use colours that fit your aesthetic tastes and existing themes - elegant blacks and blues for chic minimalism; rich yellows and oranges for warm rustic homeliness; white for truly versatile style. Select dimensions as well as storage and display functionality - from lockable drawers to elegant glass panels - to meet your precise storage needs.

For more living room storage ideas, visit our guide on how to create the perfect media unit for your home. Try out our online configurator to design your own, or get in touch with one of our experts to familiarise yourself with the possibilities of the USM modular system.