5 storage tips

Judging by the many books and articles on the subject, tidying up and optimising space seem to be at the heart of our troubles.

To maximise the storage space in each room of the house, we offer 5 tips based on the modularity of the USM Haller system.

1. Hide things in a hurry!

Trolley, box or pedestal, small furniture that you can move at your leisure and hide under a table when you need a clear space. Put away books, magazines, toys ... They are perfect at storing all your possessions that you do not want lying around and can be used in every room of the house!

2. Think storage boxes!

To store everything that creates clutter in your home, choose Inos storage boxes. Thanks to the separators, you can compartmentalise at will and keep everything out of sight but also free from dust or moisture. The boxes can be stacked one on the other thanks to the trays that serve as lids.

3. Take advantage of your hallway!

The hallway is often a messy area as everyone gets rid of their belongings when they enter. Choose closed compartments to easily hide things away, including a bench-seat to put and remove your shoes comfortably. Your hallway furniture can hold everything from your keys, small change and to a place to hang jackets and coats. By arranging your hallway, you will make it welcoming and functional.

4. Divide up space in your drawers!

Our Inos boxes will do the job by helping you organise the contents of your USM Haller drawers. You can find a use for them in every room of the house: you can use it to organise your cutlery in the kitchen, your beauty products in the bathroom, or stationary in your home office.

5. A library can create storage not only for your books!

By adding doors to your furniture, you can integrate discreet and practical storage spaces that contribute to the unique aesthetic of your library.  So your beautiful library will allow you to store your dishes, your personal documents, and much more. You can design a sculptural piece of furniture, which will combine elegance and functionality. 

You can even play with the colours of the USM range!

The modularity of the USM Haller system makes it possible to perfectly meet all your storage needs. In a few clicks design the solution that will meet your requirements in the configurator

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