The vinyl collector

Alexander Gachter's 1920s apartment in Zurich is exactly the kind of space imagined by a visual designer: bright, open and airy, with clean lines and hung works of art. Over the years, Alexander's love for music has led to an impressive collection of vinyls. He found organising his collection in a way that suited his elegant and modern home was a real challenge. After much looking, he found the perfect solution, a USM Haller media unit with modules that perfectly fit every vinyl he owns. The media unit stands nearly three meters long, without any frills in the apartment and draws attention without being ostentatious.

Alexander has also designed this piece of furniture so that it is deep enough and large enough to accommodate the pride and joy of his music collection, a forty-year-old Grundig Studio 2000 record player. Today, it proudly sits at the top of the furniture, integrating perfectly with the chrome finish of the furniture. The media unit also has a location for an almost equally impressive CD collection - specially designed expandable CD racks - and additional drawers for storage of other media players and accessories.

The enlargement capacity is the icing on the cake, because Alexander's collection inevitably grows. When there is not enough room for more CDs and vinyls, or if you buy a new gadget, you can simply add on another module to accommodate the growing collection.

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