The ultimate vinyl storage

Made-to-measure for your turntables

There is a beauty to furniture that’s perfectly fit for function.

For many of us, the pieces of media we collect and the devices on which we play them are among our most treasured possessions. No one knows this more than a collector of vinyl - they cherish the memories that their collections of LPs conjure and often become deeply attached to the idiosyncrasies of their equipment - the particular crackle of a turntable; the familiar sound of a well-loved speaker system.

Finding a storage unit to house such a precious collection, that also fits in with the owner's overall decor and has the added flexibility to grow as further additions are acquired, can be a difficult task.

In a few clicks discover the modularity of USM Haller in the configurator and design the solution that will meet your requirements.

Below you will find some configuration suggestions to help you get started with your personal project.

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