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Whether you’re exploring the possibilities of USM furniture for the first time or you’re looking to add to your existing piece with additional elements or features, our range of brochures will help you to think of creative - and maybe surprising - designs and storage solutions.

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making places home

USM Modular Furniture is designed to accompany us through different phases of life. It adjusts to new demands, ready to take up different functions in our home – a constant in our ever-shifting lives. On the following pages we present the diverse world of USM: from minimal to eclectic, from functional to decorative. Always modular and adjustable. Furniture for a lifetime made with great care in Switzerland.

making places work

The office as a place to gather for creative exchange and interdisciplinary cooperation will continue to be of central importance in the future. Let’s shape it together:
Let’s make your office a place that promotes creativity and collaboration! A place people like to be in! A place that celebrates your organisation’s culture and values!

Solutions brochure

Solutions created with USM are almost endless. Choose a topic below to be inspired.

USM Haller E

USM Haller E is revolutionary: it is cable-free.
Thanks to refinements of the iconic USM Haller ball, connector and tube, power flow is integrated into the very structure of the furniture. Light and USB inserts, which are snapped into place - flush with the tube, are practically invisible when turned off.

3D models and Planning tools

We offer a large selection of furniture and desks in AutoCAD, 3ds, Revit and SketchUp formats.

Make it yours N°2

First came yellow, now comes green – once again, the second edition of the USM “Make it yours!” magazine uses a strong colour from the USM Haller range to highlight the impact colour can have on interior design. But there are many other attributes that make USM special, including functionality, form, beauty and quality.

Make it yours N°1

Do you know what is in common between architects George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg in Toronto, designer Pietro Rossi in Milan, and Allpress founder Tony Papas in London? Their choice of USM furniture systems to equip their homes or offices! They tell us why, and describe the important place that furniture has taken in their daily lives.
You will also discover, in this new magazine « Make it Yours », other exciting stories that will take you from Paris to Tokyo to New York and ideas on how to improve our quality of life at work.

Spaces #8

The world of USM Modular Furniture is as colourful and varied as an individual's design preferences. Our clients show how differently this very principle is lived and realised around the world.

Cleaning instructions

You are the owner of a timeless piece of design, made in Switzerland. With product-specific, gentle care, you can ensure that your USM furniture will look brand new even after many years of use.

General safety instructions

USM sees the safety of all its users as a top priority. Therefore, USM encourages its end-users to supervise children as well as disabled and elderly people (according to necessity) at all times and to instruct them on the safe use of the USM modular furniture system.

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