Let’s make this place together!


Where is the boundary between home and work today? Over the past year USM and UNStudio have been looking for it. What we’ve found instead is a third space emerging between the two - co-workspaces, cafés, hotel lobbies and libraries - where we work collectively alongside people we don’t know.

A third space focuses on providing the conditions for humans to thrive. But what exactly are these conditions? We’ve identified four: growing, learning, reflecting and meeting. And with Making Places we demonstrate how the USM Haller system can be used to make these, simply by adding a few extra ingredients.

Making Places is a collective process, so visitors are invited to cover the stage with custom-made stickers, a playful perspective on the system’s classical geometry and a new visual identity for USM. Customisation adds energy, an ingredient which will, with any luck, break free of the booth and be used to Make Places elsewhere.


Salone del Mobile, April 9 – 14
Fiera Milano Rho
Hall 20, booth A07/B06

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